Faculty Association Meeting Minutes May 3, 2019

Faculty Association Meeting Minutes –May 3, 2019

Members Present: Paul Bilinski, David Cutler, Steven Deller, Paul Drelles, Nejdet Eden Foley, Margaret Gramas, Joseph Growchowski, Jessica Houser, Wade James, Duane Kelley, Jennifer Lundberg Anders, Lisa Morley, Mike Nagle, Jodi Radloff,, Mathew Sanderson, Constance Schwass, Erwin Selimos, Katie Stewart, John Wolff.

Members Absent: Sean Henne, Theodore Malt, Michael McKinney, Kellon Petzak, Sonja Siewert.

Proxy Votes: John Wolff for Sean Henne

The meeting was called to order at 5:05 PM

  1. Mike Nagle motioned to approve the February 19, 2019 minutes with amendments to misspelled names and Jessica Houser was granted permission to change the wording of the motion made by Paul Bilinksi regarding the Faculty Association contributions to the mutual gains bargaining training. Duane Kelley seconded. No one opposed.
  2. The following Faculty Association officers were nominated:

President-Sean Henne

Vice President-Mathew Sanderson

Secretary-Jessica Houser

Treasurer- Katie Stewart

Mike Nagle moved to close floor to nominations and moved to approve the slate. Paul Drelles seconded. No one opposed.

  1. Members reviewed changes to the Faculty Association By-Laws and Constitution.
    • According to Section I of the Preamble in the Faculty Constitution, “The name of the organization shall be “West Shore Community College Association, MEA-NEA…” The word faculty will be added to the name: “West Shore Community College Faculty Association, MEA-NEA.”
    • An amendment will be made to Section IV of the Preamble of the Faculty Constitution. The section currently states that terms of office for Faculty Association officers “…shall be one year and shall commence September 1…” Erwin Selimos proposed that the commencement of service change from September 1 to the day the officers are elected. “Terms of office shall be for one year and shall begin immediately following the faculty association meeting during which the election was held.
    • A typo will be fixed on page 3 of By-Laws

John moved to approve the bylaws and constitution with the friendly amendments. Steven Deller seconded. No one opposed.

  1. Other items for discussion.

Members discussed issues with the Technical Center renovation

Faculty Association Meeting Minute-February 19, 2019

Faculty Association Meeting Minutes –February 19, 2019

Members Present: Paul Bilinski, Steven Deller, Paul Drelles, Najdet Eden Foley, Margaret Gramas, Joseph Growchowski, Sean Henne, Jessica Houser, Jennifer Lundberg Anders, Theodore Malt, Mike Nagle, Kellon Petzak, Mathew Sanderson, Erwin Selimos, Katie Stewart, John Wolff.

Members Absent: David Cutler, Wade James, Duane Kelley, Michael McKinney, Lisa Morley, Jodi Radloff, Constance Schwass, Sonja Siewert.

The meeting was called to order at 7:32 AM.

  1. John Wolff provided a brief description of mutual-gains bargaining. In mutual-gains bargaining, participants express interest in neutral terms and come up with creative solutions. Negotiators rank the solutions and compromise. One element of mutual- gains bargaining is the training itself.

Mark Kinney and John Wolff, independently searched for a trainer that specializes in mutual-gains bargaining. Both came across a trainer named Sally Kingel from Cornell University. She charges $3,750 per day plus travel and accommodations.

John Wolff stated that the college offered to pay for the training. John feels that the Faculty Association should pay for some of the training. There was a discussion about how much the Faculty Association should contribute.

Paul Bilinksi motioned for the Faculty Association to cover part of the cost for the mutual-gains bargaining training. West Shore Community College will pay a minimum of $6,000 for the training. The Faculty Association will contribute up to $3,000 if the cost of training exceeds $6,000. West Shore Community College will pay any amount that exceeds $9,000. . Sean Henne seconded the motion. No one opposed.

  1. Mike Nagle gave an update on bricks for the new sculpture at West Shore Community College. The Faculty Association will be given one brick to commemorate the Faculty Association’s donation to the foundation.
  2. Sean Henne motioned to approve the January 11, 2019 meeting minutes with correction to the amount listed under “Checking.” Previous minutes listed the amount of $13,396. The corrected amount is $1,396. John Wolff seconded. No one opposed.

John Wolff motioned to adjourn. Erwin Selimos seconded. No one opposed.