The Composition Gallery showcases the writing of my first- and second-semester composition students and, on occasion, the work of students in my Advanced Composition and literature classes.  In most cases, the students themselves published their work here, which means that, in addition to learning about different kinds of college writing, they have acquired practical experience in online publication using the ubiquitous WordPress content management system.

You may sort through the students’ work by category—currently Autobiographical Narratives, Strong Response Essays, Reviews, and Research Writing—plus a recently added gallery that exhibits students’ use of augmented reality to enhance communication.  And, finally, I have created a unique, new category, (Enigmata Incarnate), for the phenomenal work of Ndio Mitchell, a student in my Introduction to Shakespeare class who has taken a deep dive into Hamlet.  These categories are all available via the Student Writing link in the nav menu.

To learn more about these student writers, navigate to the Meet the Students category.

—Professor John Wolff