Work Life Balance: Health Conclusion

Work Life Balance: Health matters

               Alice isn’t the only one who finds herself falling down the rabbit hole. To get your balance thrown off like Alice or anyone else. There is hope. It’s important to realize when you’re out of balance to the point it affects your health. So, take a step back, look at your life as in one big picture, and ask yourself if things are out of control. Remember you can say no. Maybe you’ll let people down by saying that but your health matters. Make time for yourself to meditate as it will relieve the stress and help find your balance again (Smith, 2018)¹. If you need someone to talk to, there’s always someone available when you get to a point that’s too overwhelming, are really stressed out, way too deep down the rabbit hole, far far away from the world and on the edge. You’re not the only one. There is always help.