Intro to Alex 101

Hello fellow classmates! My name is Alex Pearson, and I live in Ludington. I do not have any pets, but I do have a younger brother. I went to a small private school here in town until I finished middle school. Once I became a freshman, I transferred to Mason County Central High School. Now at the college, I am working towards a goal to be a physician (although I have not narrowed it down yet) who loves to help others. My favorite hobbies are hunting, fishing, and camping (not necessarily in that order). An interesting fact about myself is that I rarely play video games.


Hello! My name is Jocee Schwass and I am from Scottville, MI. When I’m not cramming for a test or quiz you can most likely find me running, dancing, or skiing. I absolutely love the band Coldplay and I hope to major in Law and minor in History at Michigan State University once I graduate from high school!

Hi, I’m Gabe

Image of Gabe Maynard-Adams
Gabe Maynard-Adams

My favorite animal is a dragon. I work as a crew member at McDonald’s in Hart MI. I play video games and enjoy nature and wildlife. I also am i hunter and fisherman. I also like learning at this college. I plan on going in to the Department of Natural Resources for my career.


Tyra Bromley

Hello class, my name is Tyra Bromley and I’m an ASM Tech student. During my time here I plan on getting an associates in science then going to an university. I live in Hart and have 5 siblings along with 9 pets at home (mostly cats). During my free time I mostly read or am spending time with my family.

Introduction to Myself – Kaleigh

Image of Myself (Kaleigh Kamaloski)
Senior Photo 🙂

Hi everyone, my name is Kaleigh (pronounced Kay-lee) and I’m a part of the ASM Tech early college program. I came from Manistee High School, and I’ve lived in Manistee my whole life. I plan to get my associate’s degree here at WSCC, then transferring to NMU (hopefully!) to major in Biology, then eventually go on to medical school to become a radiologist. I love dogs more than the average person, and I have two of them. Fun fact: I also have two pet snails. For fun, I do competitive powerlifting, this is my 4th year now. 

I’m Adam

Hello my name is Adam Morris, I work at Whitehall Industries as a Designer. I am married and have two sons. We have lived in Hamlin Township area for the last 10+ years. We moved to this area from Grand Rapids.

hi, I’m Courtney

Image of Courtney
Senior year picture 2016-2017

Hello everyone! My name is Courtney Krause. I graduated from Mason County Central High School. I have had my CNA license for almost two years. I’m currently a waitress at Big Boy and have been for four years. I just got a kitten named Sophie. An interesting fact about me is that I wear kids size shoes and I’m 19 years old.


My daughter, Ari and I!

Hello class, my name is Swan Lewis and I go to West Shore for business. My goal is to go into marketing and go to Ferris after I am done here. I live in Manistee, and I just had my first kid on the 14th; so my hobbies include taking care of her and learning how to be a parent!

howdy, im josh

Image of Josh Schubert
Josh Schubert

Hello everyone, I am Josh Schubert and I live in Manistee with my wife Sara and two daughters Heidi and Penny.  I was born and raised in Manistee and graduated from MHS in 2004.  I currently work full time as the electrical supervisor for Morton Salt.  I am attending West Shore in pursuit of obtaining an electrical engineering degree.  Some of my hobbies include brewing beer, boating, and playing guitar when I have the free time.

Hello, I am Faith!

Image of Faith Kidd
Faith Kidd

Hello everybody! My name is Faith Kidd. I am currently a senior in high school and I am in the ASM Tech Early College Program. I went to high school at Bear Lake High School before I came here. I am working on my Associates of Arts here at WSCC, and I am an intern for the bio department.  After I finish my time at West Shore, I hope to transfer to Kalamazoo College and double major in World Politics/Biology. In my free time, I am a Zumba instructor, I love to make unique foods like doners and gyros, and I am a big fan of watching and participating in musical theatre. This spring I will be participating in a production of Aladdin the Musical. Next month, I am going to see Hamilton on Broadway! I am looking forward to this course, as I believe that writing professionally is one of the most important skills in the world of academia and day to day life.