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The climate change infographic posters that you see in the gallery below are a sample of those created by students in my Winter 2020 Composition II courses.  The content of each poster was developed from a preceding research paper on the current climate crisis and is the result of a fairly detailed introduction to infographic design.

But these posters are more than stand-alone products; they have associated explainer videos that the students scripted, produced, and then linked to their posters via augmented reality technology.

Comp II Remix Literacy Infographic
Comp II Remix Literacy Infographic. Click to enlarge. Copyright (C) 2020 by John B. Wolff.

I had originally intended to hang physical copies of these posters on campus.  After examining a poster, viewers could then scan it with an app on their mobile devices, an action that results in the display of the associated video.  In essence, then, the combination of posters and AR videos would have represented a virtual, asynchronous poster-session conference.  Sadly, the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in the closure of our campus and the cancellation of said conference.

Nevertheless, my students’ work is available here in digital form.  I would have been proud of my students’ work under any circumstances, but I am doubly proud that they have managed to complete a very complex, technologically sophisticated series of scaffolded assignments while enduring the challenges imposed by a state-wide quarantine.  These are impressive students, to say the least.

To see what they have accomplished, install the ZappAr app¹ on your mobile device.  Then, while looking at this page on a computer, click on any of the thumbnails below to display the full poster.  Scan the poster with the ZappAr mobile app, and the related video will appear as an overlay on your mobile device’s screen.  For most posters, a button will appear after the video has finished playing; tapping it should take you to the student’s online research paper.

If you like what you see here, please use the Contact form to let me know.  I would love to be able to share your praise with my students.

—Prof. John Wolff

¹No affiliation.


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