Travis White

My name is Travis White and I was born in Texas, but I moved to Michigan a year after my birth. I’m into a lot of different activities, but nothing specific. If I had to choose I’d probably say video games, poker, and disc golf. As of this moment, I’m living in Hamlin Town Ship with my parents. My family has always been relatively small, but my brother had his first child and my sister is expecting in October of this year. Hopefully, in the next couple of years, I’ll go to a University where I’ll finish my schooling and get my bachelor in Dietetics. This is was I’m banking on, but it might change down the line. I am not very talkative and usually stick to people I already know, but I’m always down to make new friends. I hope we all have a great first year at Westshore!
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Ndio Mitchell

Hello everyone!


My name is Ndio Mitchell. I was born in Muskegon and have spent most of my life thus far in Manistee. I went to public school until eighth grade and was an autodidact through high school. Since the age of twelve, I’ve had a pronounced interest in psychology (criminal behavior in particular), and hope to turn this fascination into a career. Beyond that, my personal interests range from journaling and history to applied philosophy, computer gaming, and music.




Abdiel Nunez

My name is Abdiel Nuñez, I’m a student from Manistee. I’m not the first to go to college out of my family, both my older brother and sister graduated from WSCC, however I’ll hopefully be the first to enter the medical field.  Watching and playing sports are a big hobby of mine. I also really enjoy fishing with my friends and being outdoors.

Meet Rickeshia Simpson

Hello, my name is Rickeshia Simpson. I am 19 years old. I graduated from Baldwin High School. I work full time, attending West Shore Community College part time doing my general classes this fall semester.  I’m looking to pursue a career in the nursing field, starting off with CNA.

Meet Jael

Hey everyone! My name is Jael Wood. I am the youngest of four kids. As a junior at MCC, I am dual enrolling to finish some required classes. After that, I plan on going on to a Christian University and possibly pole vaulting. On my spare time, I enjoy singing, pole vaulting, traveling, and mission trips. If you can’t find me on the weekends, I’m probably ice skating at the college.

Intro to Jonah

Hello class, my name is Jonah and I am at West Shore Community College as part of the ASM Tech program. My eventual goal is to get a job in Cyber Security, but if that doesn’t work out I should have enough experience in computer programming to find another job in the field. I live in Shelby, I have 3 younger siblings (who are triplets), and my family has 3 cats (although we used to have a lot more animals). A couple of interesting things about me is that my eyes are different colors and my grandma works at West Shore. I enjoy memes, video games, and in general not having to do anything, which is why I am doing this discussion fairly early. (Not anymore)

Grace intro to comp gallery

Hello everybody! My name is Grace Huffman I’m 18, live in New Era, and am in the ASM Tech Early College Program. Some of my hobbies include: abstract art, acting, (sometimes) singing, and NAPPING. I don’t get much time for hobbies because when I’m not at West Shore I’m usually working at Wesco, or at practice for Little Shop Of Horrors the musical being put on by my home high school! I come from a small but difficult family (1 older sister, 1 younger brother, and 1 younger cousin that is adopted) and have lived in four states including Michigan, Missouri, South Dakota, and Wisconsin. I have MANY secret party talents and am always willing to show them off. I’ve been in a year long relationship with my current boyfriend who goes to MSU during the school year. I have two wiener dogs: Adrianne (faddy addy) and Mudslide (Mudders), I also have a cat named Rose after Rose Tyler from Doctor Who. I have 5 fish and their names are: Steven (a 3 year old goldfish from hart fair who is really fat and also a cannibal), Creamsicle, Gertrude, Nipon (which is Japanese for Japan), and NO (my mother named this one). I’m also a fan of comma splices, side notes, and run-on sentences if you can’t tell. I’m shy at first but I actually think I’m pretty cool and I’m almost always up for a conversation. OH and I’m planning to apply for the Ferris Nursing program in the Fall of 2020.

Intro to Alex 101

Hello fellow classmates! My name is Alex Pearson, and I live in Ludington. I do not have any pets, but I do have a younger brother. I went to a small private school here in town until I finished middle school. Once I became a freshman, I transferred to Mason County Central High School. Now at the college, I am working towards a goal to be a physician (although I have not narrowed it down yet) who loves to help others. My favorite hobbies are hunting, fishing, and camping (not necessarily in that order). An interesting fact about myself is that I rarely play video games.


Hello! My name is Jocee Schwass and I am from Scottville, MI. When I’m not cramming for a test or quiz you can most likely find me running, dancing, or skiing. I absolutely love the band Coldplay and I hope to major in Law and minor in History at Michigan State University once I graduate from high school!

Hi, I’m Gabe

Image of Gabe Maynard-Adams
Gabe Maynard-Adams

My favorite animal is a dragon. I work as a crew member at McDonald’s in Hart MI. I play video games and enjoy nature and wildlife. I also am i hunter and fisherman. I also like learning at this college. I plan on going in to the Department of Natural Resources for my career.