Meditation Therapy

It should come as no surprise that victims of human trafficking often develop Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) as a result of their captivity.  But do you know what treatments are available for these victims? Pharmaceuticals are most certainly the most common treatment option, but one could argue that “drugging up” victims isn’t ideal.  Many Read more about Meditation Therapy[…]

Perpetrator Methods

Why are thousands of victims of sex trafficking? How do they get so easily sucked into that world? According to International Labor Organization,¹ it estimates that there are 20.9 million victims of human sex trafficking globally. Although many people assume that women are victims of this heinous crime, that is not true. The victims of Read more about Perpetrator Methods[…]

The Need for More Evidence on Perpetrator

Sex trafficking is something people are aware of but don’t actual understand the impact it has on their lives and the lives of the people who have been sex trafficked. Why are people so unaware of this issue? It is simply due to the fact that people are not given enough information about these perpetrators Read more about The Need for More Evidence on Perpetrator[…]

Helping From Home

How you can help: Get Educated– Learn the signs and reasoning behind it. Raise Awareness– Inform others about human trafficking. Volunteer– Be aware of organizations in your community to help victims of human trafficking or prevent it from happening to others. Learn the Indicators- Knowing the causes and situations about human trafficking can help you notice Read more about Helping From Home[…]

Are You At Risk For Human Trafficking?

Traffickers look for vulnerable people in risky situations. They don’t look for a certain age, race, group, gender, they look for vulnerability. A common place to find vulnerable people is those whom live in poverty. Traffickers promise these people a better life with higher paying jobs and living conditions when they move. War also increases Read more about Are You At Risk For Human Trafficking?[…]