Pope on Human Trafficking

Recently on the national and international level, Pope Francis and the President Trump discussed the need for greater protection for the victims of human trafficking. According to Pope Francis communities need to be saved from “corruption, extortion, the illegal trafficking of drugs and weapons, the trafficking of human beings, including so many children who are Read more about Pope on Human Trafficking[…]

Medical Issues in the Trafficking Business

It is reported that 88% of victims subjected to sex trafficking had access to medical help during the time they were being trafficked.¹ As of 2016, medical professionals are not required to have training that helps them recognize sex trafficking victims. This is a problem. Not only is this a professional problem, it a huge Read more about Medical Issues in the Trafficking Business[…]

Prostitution is Illegal, but not for Cops

Michigan is the one remaining state of our nation that allows undercover cops to partake in sexual activities with a prostitute.¹ Not only does this law make police look bad, it invites corruption in government that could lead to a higher rate of sex trafficking. The authorities are supposed to be the ones that reduce Read more about Prostitution is Illegal, but not for Cops[…]

Cross Country is More Than Just a Sport: It’s an Operation

Sex trafficking is a nationwide pandemic that affects communities large and small. This issue has gotten to the point that the Federal Bureau of Investigation is involving themselves. In 2003, the FBI started conducting a sweep of sex trafficking crimes across the nation which they called Operation Cross Country.¹ From 2003 to 2013, the Michigan Read more about Cross Country is More Than Just a Sport: It’s an Operation[…]