The Brocade below was written by John and used the words Comfort and Worry in connection with the photo below. You can write a Brocade too! Just open the Writing menu in the navbar above, and click Brocade: A Writer’s Exercise!

Elise would not remember. Her hair gold against the orange leaves as she leaned over the back of the green park bench to pick up the philosophy notebook that had fallen. Her beautiful, blue-jeaned rump arched over the green board, and then the fart. His chest filled with joy at a memory over twenty years old. There they were, off under the autumn trees, near a sign with a blue ribbon: Reunion. Large bulky slow-moving figures, holding plastic glasses of red college punch. Which one was Elise? For that matter, where was he? Not here, now. Only there, then. Chagrined for her, cheeks burning, feeling the palpable strain of their very first intimacy.

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