Brocade: Closure and Beginning

Debi Bialik has written a Brocade using the emotion words Anticipation and Amusement in connection with the photo below.

Jean sat waiting for a young women;
Were her eyes going to be blue, her hair brown?
Would she be greeted with a smile or tears?
Would she understand why she made those choices?
She returned a message and told her to sit on the green bench next to the playground…
The minutes seemed like hours. The playground began to fill with children. Jean lost herself with thoughts of what if.
A young couple with a little girl came across the field, “Come on daddy, you are going down the slide today!” “Hurry, I am waiting for you!”
A young man, all legs slowly climbed behind the girl. Truly uncomfortable and careful not to bump the little one off the top of the slide. Sat down, “Okay, ready set GO!” Cheers of joy, as they they disappeared in the tunnel and ended at the bottom of the slide.
As Jean watched the little girl, she hadn’t noticed the young women, separated
from the young family. She walked up,and asked if she minded if she sat down beside her. Her golden brown hair was pulled up in a ponytail, her eyes as blue, as the skies. With a smiles, Jean welcomed her.
Hello, I am…

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