Brocade: Geoffrey, the disgusted Caterpillar.

Russell Lux has written a Brocade using the emotion words Disgust and Shame in connection with the photo below.

It was a quiet morning in the countryside meadow. In the rising sun, mourning doves softly sang their minstrel song from atop the highway powerlines. And all below them gathered an audience of woodland critters to happily listen.

All except for one distraught butterfly.
His name was, Geoffrey.

More than half asleep, Geoffrey slowly slid from the chrysalis.

Groggily raising his legs to his head, he realized-

Then, the screaming began.



Wet yellow wing sacs hung from his back.

“OH THE HORROR! The horror!”

“What freak of nature have I becooome?!”

Sobbing now,

“I can’t go back to caterpillar valley like this! I’m a monster!”

Then something from deep within his mind spoke to him.

“No. I can’t … I must find my own kind now.”

Sunlight slowly crawled over his unfolding wings and painted them in it’s own fiery image.

“I-can-fly … I. MUST. FLY!”

With that, he dusted off into the morning air. And like all butterflies do, he migrated towards the sun.


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