Brocade: Gray skies and the edge of the rainbow

AmiraVerity has written a Brocade using the emotion words Pity and Sadness in connection with the photo below.

The edge of the rainbow fell at my feet
Disappearing beneath me
Had I found the wrong end of the rainbow I wondered
For the greatest of gifts were taken from me on this end
the grass the color of gold
Reminded me of when everything was whimsical
Now only a faded memory
Maybe it was the other subtly bright rainbow I was supposed to be at the end of
We always think it’s the brighter one where treasure might be found
So we chase what we can see
It’s like a vivid dream we’ve just woken up from
The kind that leave us with a feeling
We can’t shake
The blurry vision of the rest seems so hard to reach
Like losing a treasure in muddy water
If it’s in front of us its simple
So we fail to take the longer road
The one that may only seem more difficult
Like the path we’ll never reach again
Nor will it ever be the same path again
We fail to see through something worth seeing
Like the veil that’s been instilled in us
We fail to save the ones that need saving
Like turning our backs on those in their most dire times
You can’t see it so you forget about it for a moment or many
The gray has the most truth in it
It is the in between
Where the light and dark merge
Creating a place we should acknowledge
And fight for
For there is where the lost souls reside
It is a place where the rules are all wrong
The sun cloaking the golden land
What we see is not reality
The mountains in the distance so dark
So hard to climb
The gray skies make me wonder if your words are merely broken melodies in the distance you’d rather see than the truth
Distance drenched in darkness decays dreams
It evades epiphanies even we need to see
Its ironies invade our islands
The ones we escape to in our minds
Or the rainbows we miss
Only the gray reveals the path we should take

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