Brocade: Mistake in the Lake

Hoen has written a Brocade using the emotion words Apprehension and Glee in connection with the photo below.

That was the horror of it happening along any one of our Great Lakes: a beautiful view blocked by evil spinning blades on huge pylons. Our entire lakeshore was in an uproar over the plan. Letters sections of our local newspapers were full of vituperative screeds for or against. The Pros thought the Cons to be ignorant treehuggers; the Cons painted the Pros as money-hungry numchuks.

Much later, after the windmill plan was voted down, I prowled the streets of our shoreline tourist town in the early evening. The streets, black as licorice, gleamed under a soft, refreshing spring rain. Yet I grew perturbed during my walk as I realized, passing each house, that the denizens of our town were all inside, streaming shows and movies on their bigscreen TVs.

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