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Not many people know that my parents were, back in the 1960s, in the radio business.

Snippet from 1964 Annual broadcasters report. ©

Snippet from 1964 Annual broadcasters report.

My father was part owner, DJ, and sales manager all in one.  My mother was the station’s engineer.  (How many women in the 1960s do you think had an FCC First Class Engineer’s License?)  Their station, KDVR FM, had offices, its studio, and tower on Buckskin Hill, out in the roller coaster hills east of Sioux City, Iowa.  KDVR broadcast a variety of classical, easy listening, and (what was known in those days as) “country and western.”  Billy Graham‘s Hour of Decision was aired, I believe, on Sunday mornings.

So I guess radio works its way into the blood, as I find myself now promulgating West Shore Community College’s new radio station, LAVA Radio.  LAVA stands for the “Local Audio and Visual Arts” student club, and that means, among other things, that any WSCC student can be a DJ or get involved with any other aspect of radio production and business.  While not strictly necessary to get on the air, interested students are advised to register for Introduction to Mass Communications and Introduction to Radio Production.  This pair of courses will really set the stage for being an educated broadcaster.  If you put in your time at LAVA Radio, you may find yourself in a broadcasting career down the line.

To listen to LAVA Radio, just click on the logo above to navigate to the station launch page.  That page will provide you with links to any browser plug-ins that you may need to listen to the station.

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