Memories of a better day

The Brocade below was written by Edward Padilla and used the words Awe and Peace in connection with the photo below. You can write a Brocade too! Just open the Writing menu in the navbar above, and click Brocade: A Writer’s Exercise!

She loved every minute of it! It was her first time on the beach. The sand between her toes was a consistent source of giggling fun. Her smile lit up the world, and though it was a cool day, her love made us melt. She chased the seagulls, for hours it seemed. At some points we thought the seagulls were actually playing back, letting her get close to them before they flew off. The caws as they flew were jests and laughter at our little girl. She would just laugh back at them. The water was too cold to enter, but that didn’t stop her from wading in to her ankles. She would run from the waves as they came. It reminded us of the days we were younger and used to play in the surf. I would chase her as she ran, playfully. When I caught her I would toss her into the waves. She really could play off the anger while she pretended to be upset. Then we would laugh and embrace. Our lips touching gently in the warm summer sun. And here was our daughter, at the very place where our love started. It seemed right, it was right. We bought the house on the beach. The one that we always walked by. Our dreams would have us in that house one day so that we could share these wonderful days on the beach everyday. We shared that dream, and finally were able to live it. The nightmare began soon after that. She was diagnosed with cancer, she only had a year at most. We spent as much time as we could together, all three of us. Our daughter was too young to understand, yet some how she knew. Mommy wasn’t going to be around for much longer. She spent the last few days in the hospital in agony. I brought our daughter in one last time, my wife died shortly after that. Today was the first day warm enough to have our daughter out on our beach. She giggled as she chased the seagulls. The sand between her toes was a consistent joy for her. The sun broke the clouds, a ray kissed both of our cheeks. She loved every minute of it.

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