Michigan COVID-19 Cases Over Time

I’m exhausted and going blind from staring at my WFH screen for the past 10 hours.  Why, I wonder, do I stay superglued to it for R&R after the workday is over?

Well, it’s because I like data visualizations, and I wanted one that would dynamically track the increasing number of COVID-19 cases in Michigan. A mathematics colleague tipped me off to the Google sheets IMPORTHTML function, which led me on to IMPORTXML—and, from there, I’ve been able to develop a little app that scrapes the “Overall Confirmed COVID-19 Cases by County” table at michigan.gov.  The data will be automatically updated whenever the State updates its table, and that information will be dynamically displayed in the chart below.

The only thing pretty about the curve below is that it’s automated.  (Mobile users: view the chart in landscape orientation.)

At some point (probably soon), I’ll have to shift the updates from daily to weekly, and then (I assume) from weekly to monthly.

Yearly, anyone?

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