Shining Star

The Brocade below was written by Kate Smith and used the words Pride and Disgust in connection with the photo below. You can write a Brocade too! Just open the Writing menu in the navbar above, and click Brocade: A Writer’s Exercise!

This was my moment to shine, we were tied in the last half of the game. My talents have yet to be shown to their full potential this game. My name is Martin and I plan to finish the semifinals with my game winning goal. The scattering sound of footsteps fleets through the grass, interrupted only by my foot batting the ball further ahead of me. My speed was so much greater than that of those who trailed behind me. I smirk, the goalie was my last obstacle and they were no match for my skill. The distance between us closed fast and my heart rushed forward with everything I had. I felt the thud of the ball against my foot that sent the ball soaring toward the net and suddenly swerve too far to the left, missing entirely. I fall to my knees. How could I have missed? That was it, all of my practice meant nothing anymore. In my big moment I crumbled, letting my entire team down in the

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