The Seventh Sentinel

The Brocade below was written by Josh Wolfe and used the words Shame and Terror in connection with the photo below. You can write a Brocade too! Just open the Writing menu in the navbar above, and click Brocade: A Writer’s Exercise!

Andosta looked at the ground and held her hands together. Quietly, she prayed, “Please, give me strength to fight this evil. Too many people have died, and if I fail, I may be next.” After opening her eyes, she looked around the ancient theater and saw that everybody had left. She looked back at the ground and continued, “Please, give me the strength to fight past my flaws and my past. I don’t want to fail any more people. Losing my brother to the enemy was difficult enough. Please, don’t let me fail in this final battle against Varik’s tyranny. The Order expected me to rise up to the challenge months ago and I failed, so I must succeed this time.” She looked up at the sky, straight into the sun, and whispered, “May the Triumvirate give me their favor.”

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