Then the rain came

The Brocade below was written by Edward Padilla and used the words Worry and Disgust in connection with the photo below. You can write a Brocade too! Just open the Writing menu in the navbar above, and click Brocade: A Writer’s Exercise!

It was a little cloudy that day. Her and her bridesmaids were jittery with excitement as the time neared. I was driving trying to hurry to the location. What I saw when I reached the field was horrifying. The caterer hadn’t set up his stand yet, the decorator didn’t have a thing put up. The day was going to be ruined for my little girl. I called the caterer first, the phone kept ringing. I gripped my phone harder than it was designed to take. How could he ignore my call? I swore. I called the decorator, she answered on the fifth ring. I yelled at her, it seemed like I yelled for hours, and when I was done she calmly explained to me that it was going to rain so they moved the party to the indoor location selected by my daughter. I could not believe it, how can they say it was going to rain, it was a fine day besides the clouds. I told them to move it all back to the field immediately. I began to walk the field, marking the locations in my mind for all the equipment, chairs, tables and the podium. The decorator arrived, she had her tablet out and ready to work so we began. I told her how I envisioned it, and with the time constraints I suggested that we begin right away. Her crew worked fast and before too long everything was in its place. It was how I imagined my daughter imagined her special day was going to be. I went to apologize to the decorator for my previous manner. Then the rain came.

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